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Spending time together as a family unit these days seems like something we make too little time for. Even when we do get to sit around the dinner table together, we end our eyes glued to the TV or our noses in the paper, tablet or smart phone.

With everyone running in ten different directions to become what the world deems as successful, it seems at times we’ve lost focus on what’s important – family.

Let’s face it if everyone followed a mandatory, off-at-the-door policy with even just their cell phones, imagine how much deeper moms and dads would get to know their children? This goes for the kids too!

I love my cell phone just as much as anyone else. Its an office in the palm of my hand, but unlike the office I used to drive to, it comes home with me and quite frankly never goes away. I’ve begun to wonder just how much time I spend looking at that screen when I could be communicating with my wife.

After losing a bit of weight recently, a friend told me that a way to keep the weight off was to enjoy a long walk in the evening with my wife, which would not only help my health but would be valuable time for us to simply reinforce our marriage.

Give this a try yourself. Works with walking, throwing the ball around or even going out for a ride together.

For now I have a goal set to not only try to keep the smart phone time to a minimum, but also to get back in touch with the people who mean the most to me in my life.

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