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I can recall countless hours playing down at the creek with my friends as a child and the muddier we got the more fun it was. Now my mom didn’t share my same affection for mud, but I always had fun while it lasted.

Being an ATV enthusiast as an adult now, I’ve found an addictive new way to play in the mud. There’s nothing like ripping through the deep mire on a powerful sport utility ATV just praying you’ll make it to the other side without the help of a winch.

Some companies have taken notice of this unique mud riding counter culture and the racing events going on in select parks in the south.

Both Arctic Cat and Can-Am have designed and built models specifically for hitting the deepest mud you can find. Can-Am’s Rotax V-twin powered X mr boasts air controlled suspension to get the best height advantage on 6 different levels as well as a snorkel system for anything that needs fresh air to stay above the messy waterlines.

I had the opportunity to ride the 2013 Can-Am Outlander X mr a few weeks back and it is better than ever. Ripping through watery mud and seeing the thirty-inch silverback tires tackle every obstacle in their path is exhilarating.

If you’ve never run a true mud pit or done some serious riding in the goop you don’t know what you’re missing.

So get off the couch, go out and find a demo ride or take the family to one of the many mudding events happening across North America. This is some serious fun you won’t forget it.

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