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Luke’s Says:

“I’m a big guy and at first I figured I’d neither fit, nor feel cool in the ACE. With a 32-hp mill it couldn’t possibly be fun. I was dead wrong! After spending time with the ACE I can honestly say it’s a blast. 50-mph is more than fast enough, it has excellent torque and it handles really well. It’s small enough to fit almost anywhere and, thanks to its Polaris underpinnings, is ultra-capable in all 4WD situations. I have two complaints: First, the brake pedal is in an awkward location and the seatbelt shoulder point is located too low for tall guys. Other than that, I think the ACE is a winner.”

Mark Says:

“How did Polaris get this much jam from a 325cc single? Impressive DOHC power – just enough to get you in trouble. Love the seating position – feels really low – lower than an ATV. The heel bucket for the throttle isn’t right but overall comfort is. I was shocked by the suspension compliance, particularly at speed and you can keep up with a Sport-Ute 4×4 ATV on most trails. The ACE continues to capture my imagination every time I drive it. I think ACE might have a significant role in the future of the off-road industry. I said might.”

AJ Says:

“My first thought was that this is the answer to a question nobody asked. Secondly, it looks pretty weird – almost like the late 70’s Honda Odyssey. Once I got over the looks of a single person side-x-self” vehicle and actually sat my butt in the seat, I was surprised. The legroom is sizeable, the seated position is comfortable, the roll cage gives you added protection and the steering wheel and width make you feel like you’re go-karting in the outdoors. While I need more time to truly understand this new design, the only thing I’m left wanting is more horsepower!”

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