Polaris Ranger XP 900

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The Polaris Ranger XP 900 uses a 5-inch longer wheelbase over its predecessor spreading the wheels further apart and putting them closer to the ends of the chassis.

Rear suspension A-arms and the rear anti-sway bar are all-new on this vehicle while the front double A-arm IFS is right off the Pure Sport RZR line.

The superb dumping box and one hand tailgate has been re-invented with internal tie downs, better dump activation and a wider, easier-to-open one hand tailgate actuator.

The XP 900 churns out 60 HP and more torque using a variant of the sophisticated SOHC 4-valve RZR 900 mill. This single throttle body engine benefits from a sub-transmission mounting system tying the engine/CVT/sub-tranny and rear differential into one tight power-pack unit.

The Ranger XP 900’s most prominent engineering feature is the moving of the complete engine, tranny and rear diff rearward in the chassis. Engine service is now super simple and access is substantially improved. Simply tilt the dump box and access every serviceable system on the drivetrain.

One might ask about fore-aft weight balance as a result of the more rearward engine placement. So did we. The 5-inch wheelbase stretch produces a front-to-rear weight bias identical to the 800 XP. As a result of the engine re-orientation there’s ji-normous storage available under the front seat.

The move to solid mounting of the engine and CVT has improved overall driveline feel while the 100-percent stiffer chassis is eerily quiet producing no squeaks or groans in rough terrain.

Ingress-egress from the cab is made easier with a repositioning of the seat, pedals and steering wheel and the driver’s portion of the 3-person bench is adjustable on all LE variants. Oh yeah, brushless, proportional EPS is available on all XP 900s as well.

New LED headlights work impeccably as does the driver’s side instrument cluster. There’s also standard inclusion of a turf-mode (unlocking) rear differential, standard tilting wheel, ROPS roll cage, and “dead pedal” left footrest and side safety nets.

Clearly, Polaris doesn’t rest when it gets to the top of the market. The company believes number one marketshare and sales leadership is not a destination, it is a journey and apparently deep in the recesses of the Polaris management inner-sanctum, the intent is to just keep on going.

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