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By: Kent Lester

Got a ride on Can-Am’s Renegade 800 the other day. This thing certainly changes all the rules about Sport Class 4-wheelers. You can’t help but be impressed (maybe even intimidated) with the kind of power this thing delivers.

In 2-wheel drive you can wick the throttle at any speed and its EFI V-twin delivers crack-the-whip, instantaneous power to the rear wheels and, if…IF you can get them to hook up, it catapults forward with rocket launcher thrust.

I like the ergonomics of this ATV. Yes, it does feel a bit heavier than most solid axle Sport ATVs but the power is so urgent and the handling so precise, you never feel its bulk.

It seems to have a pretty low CG and loves to broadslide – it’s extremely stable in this mode and with this much power it virtually broadslides all the time. Just feed in more throttle in a turn and the back end comes around instantaneously.

4WD is a cool feature on a bike like this and just adds to the versatility. It actually tracks better on loose surfaces with 4WD engaged and corners like a Suburu WRX rally car with all four wheels churning.

I love this no-push style oversteer and you end up actually steering the Renegade with the throttle – fun to practice.

Through the bumps, it’s pretty good, too. You can definitely sense the superiority of independent rear suspension when riding through the stutters – very confidence inspiring.

Couldn’t tell much about the shocks – need more time to ride, especially on harder surfaces.

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