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A Solid List of Improvements Broadens Renegade’s Appeal

Can-Am isn’t interested in playing things safe and it’s the reason the 2010 Renegade X gets a big boost of visual sizzle and an even bigger boost in technology.

The Renegade’s new acronym, Xxc, stands for “X package Cross Country”, a fitting name for a crossover design that meshes 4-wheel drive with huge sport appeal.

The biggest news is the inclusion of Can-Am’s all new Dynamic Power Steering (DPS). This is the same power steering system found on 2010 Outlander XT and XTP models. DPS is a totally new design and offers riders the dual choices of high and low output, adjustable-on-the-fly modes.

The dual mode system means you can decrease the power steering input on high-speed trails by selecting DPS-MIN and, on the flip side, increase power input when you’re plying the handlebars in tight trail situations or riding over gnarly mud or rock sections by selecting DPS-MAX. In the latter mode, small handlebar movements go a long ways.

While the system truly is a high-low design, its also dynamic in function, meaning that in both minimum and maximum settings the output of the power steering unit is decreased the faster you go to help reduce wobbles or uneasiness at higher speeds. This is very similar to the way an automotive power steering unit works and is completely seamless in function on the Renegade.

After putting miles on the Xxc we began to notice that power steering goes a long way toward settling down the front end when impacting large obstacles like rocks or stumps that would normally tear the bars out of your hands. Since steering effort is reduced so much, longer rides seem shorter and, at the end of the day, you feel like you could do it all over again.

While power steering is an added expense when you roll an ATV out of your local dealership, it truly is beneficial because it improves your riding experience measurably. Our only complaint with this particular power steering system is that on both MIN and MAX settings there’s a bit too much assistance.

We’d actually like the steering effort to be more similar to non-power steering at high speeds. Currently it feels a little more twitchy than some competitors’ power steering set-ups at these speeds.

This Renegade is still powered by the same fire breathing 800R EFI V-twin pumping out 71-horsepower. New to the driveline is Can-Am’s Visco-Lok QE front differential that is now able to lock the front diff in less wheel rotations for a more positive engagement and quicker 4WD results when you need them.

In the suspension department the Xxc uses the same high quality KYB piggyback and remote reservoir shocks as last season. These dampers are multi-way adjustable with enough variations to please the most seasoned ATV guru.

A new addition to the front suspension is a front sway bar that helps to reduce body roll when the Renny is being pitched into a hard cornering situation. While we didn’t feel the need for a sway-bar on previous models, the addition really keeps the front end tracking where you want it to go while planting the front wheels steadfastly on terra firma.

The graphics for 2010 are aggressive and stylish but the yellow bead-lock wheels are more than just show. These rugged hoops actually lock the bead of the tire to the rim and are a must for cross-country racers. They not only keep the tire from spinning on the wheel but also protect the bead and lip of the rim from harsh rock abuse.

The Xxc is “all boxes checked” and ready to go where the most demanding cross-country rider would dare to take it. Just remember, if you want power steering on your Renegade this year, it’s Xxc or nothing!

AJ Lester
AJ Lester
AJ is Co-Host of DIRT TRAX Television which can be seen on OLN and Sportsman Channel in Canada, Outdoor Channel across America and globally on our YouTube channel.

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