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Certainly, there’s no argument about the prominence of high performance side by sides and the way the marketplace is in a fever about them.

One problem with this relatively new segment is there are not enough used ones out there, especially ones in good condition, to provide an entry-level buyer with the opportunity to get into the segment. How do you find a good used RZR for cheap bucks?

Sure, there are some used two and three-year-old RZRs out there – usually owned by riders who have moved up to a new XP900 or have switched brands to the Wildcat. However, these are usually snapped up rapidly and end up being as rare as hen’s teeth – and still pretty pricey.

Polaris has an answer. With the RZR 570 you get a brand new SxS with a warranty and much of the updated tech you’ll find in the XP900.

This RZR is very light (only 970 lbs – 300-plus lbs lighter than some competitors), has a low, transverse mounted, super torquey 567cc EFI single and is priced at a very reasonable $9,999.00 US.

Sure, it only comes with steel wheels and its narrow 50-inch width is both a good thing and a bad thing depending on where and how you want to ride.

The point is, you can upgrade to different wheels and tires and make modifications and still have a very reasonably priced, impressive performing performance SxS.

The bonus is that you still have a really good chassis under you and a power-to-weight ratio that puts you into the range of some side by sides with 200ccs more displacement.

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