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How long should you hold onto spare parts? I admit I keep a few extra parts from time to time and I’ve noticed sometimes something I’ve stored away until I need it has actually vanished.

Seems my wife has made it known that during my travel time the storage facility is open for any willing treasure hounds. Now im not saying she would intentionally remove the gems of ATV spares I keep but it seems there is a determination to thin the herd a little bit.

If it isn’t in use in six months, word on the streets is I don’t need it. Well I beg to differ. I keep spare cylinder heads, old clutch levers and even good plastics just in case the neighborhood kids crash while showing off and need a repair.

I’m not saying I don’t pay my fair share for the storage but the way I look at it I’m keeping a young person employed while he’s keeping my treasures safe.

Sure I could sell all these parts, but I might just have to buy them again someday. Here’s an example. I have a special segment of lug nuts in their own drawer in my spare toolbox that I hadn’t used in quite some time. Turns out though they happened to be just the right set of lugs for a set of wheels a buddy bought. Saving spare parts pays off and that’s why I do it!

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