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In 2012 Polaris acquired a company called Resilient Technologies that manufactures the coolest and weirdest looking tires we’ve ever seen called NPT or Non-Pneumatic Tires.

The honeycomb tires from Resilient are designed to run without air making them resistant to punctures and loss of air due side-wall tears from rocks and even from bullet holes.

Up to thirty percent of the inner webbing can be damaged and the tire will still support the vehicle’s weight and operate normally.

Polaris is supplying the tires on its MV (Military Vehicle) series ATVs and SXS vehicles and has tested NPTs for over 5,000 miles with a 50-caliber bullet hole in them and they’ve exceeded expectations, which makes them perfect for military applications.

With their durability being what it is, NPTs appear to be perfect for the environment offroad vehicles live in. So we have to ask, will these tires show up on consumer vehicles any time soon?

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