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We recently posed the question on Instagram whether there’s merit in Polaris producing a 1000cc Scrambler XP1K Highlifter Edition and honestly weren’t surprised by the almost unanimously positive response. So here’s our logic for asking the question in the first place:

Right off the start, a Scrambler mud machine would compete directly with Can-Am’s Renegade Xmr. Can-Am owns 100-percent of the factory share of space in the pure sport mud performance category with its Renny, which is enough reason alone for Polaris to want in on the action.

Yes, we know there’s already a Sportsman Highlifter so what’s the big deal about a Scrambler? Well, probably the biggest factor is about mud clearout.

The Scrambler has significantly less fender plastic to build-up mud as you progress through the gnarliest skeg and muck. Better clearout means less restriction so you can utilize all the engine’s power to propel you to the other side without getting completely weighted down by mud. Furthermore, stock plastic means you don’t have to take the dremmel to your brand new ATV and cut up the plastic.

Creating a Scrambler for mud involves more than just slapping some big-lug tires on it. We’d like to see high clearance A-arms, a cool looking snorkel, relocated radiator and perhaps pattern-cut footwells that would allow better flow-through of water and clearout of mud.

Tweaks to clutching and extra low gearing would also take performance to a new level. Outlaw tires similar to the Sportsman Highlifter would be the ticket to get you out of the deep-and-dirty and a stock winch is a must when you eventually run out of talent mid-mudhole.

We think this setup would be a real winner and since it’s not like Polaris to leave a category unchallenged, we have to think we’re not the only ones daydreaming about an ATV like this.

Stay tuned…

Mike Lester
Mike Lester
Mike Lester is Staff Photographer and Digital Content Manager for Dirt Trax TV. He is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show.

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