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Setting small goals can help you move forward in most anything you wish to become better at.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s racing, education, fitness or life in general, it takes those small steps to keep us motivated and on our way to the next step.

Racing however requires discipline to get results, which can be tougher than most other achievements.

There are racers in all age groups and classes on the local and national levels that work hard every race and yet barely improve from event to event.

The racer wants to win, but maybe doesn’t know how to get the forward momentum to grab that next place trophy. This is where a goal-minded rider is more successful.

If you cannot physically last an entire race, strength and cardiovascular training could be in order. If your machine keeps breaking down during a race, maybe your crew needs to focus on better maintenance habits or maybe extra time spent combing over the machine with a second set of eyes might help you catch something you normally might miss on race day.

Whether it’s setting small achievable goals like, training an extra hour or eating a little bit better, when you set goals don’t let your mind wonder or be distracted by another rider’s behavior. Stay on track literally and figuratively.

It is an enormous investment to get to the races during a season, why not set goals for yourself and see just how far you can go.

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