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Getting power to the ground effectively can be a chore if your stock suspension isn’t up to the job.

Having the most powerful engine mounted in the frame of your ATV may make you the king of the ride day, but how well can you control your beast?

I recently visited Jet Suspension located in Greencastle Indiana. Jet is a small, privately owned performance suspension company and the things they can do to a stock set of shocks just blew me away.

These days most high performance sport quads have a reservoir style shock body. This shock, when unlocked and tweaked just a bit, will give you performance gains that will not only make you a better rider but a little faster too.

I witnessed the shock travel being stretched as well as the single springs being changed to dual and triple rates, which smoothed out every ripple on the trail at any speed.

The fact that your stock shocks can be changed around for less money than a set of aftermarket performance shocks was also a plus.

The rear shock gets the treatment as well and with a custom link included in the cost you can have more suspension than you’ll ever need for around a grand.

Think about it this way, you get a lower center of gravity, dual and even triple rate springs for that super plush ride and more travel.

Spend a bit of your money dialing in your suspension first so you get a better ride out of your ATV. Then when you can hold the throttle wide open around every corner, make your adjustments to your engine’s performance.


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