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Have you ever wondered how engineering comes about in the offroad industry? Look at Honda’s Pioneer for instance. It has a full working bed that converts to a second row of seats so you can pack a total of 4 people into it.

How many hours do you think it took for Honda’s engineering team to say, “Okay, this is what we should do and here’s a strategy to get us started.”

The seats fold up out of the bed for goodness sake and it has to be one of the simplest, most ingenious ideas to arise in the industry for quite some time.

Some might think this is really nothing compared to other engineering marvels, but think about this, the third and fourth seats are compact and hidden, which gives the machine versatility over its competition since it’s not a dedicated third and fourth seat. This truly gives the Pioneer 700-4 a unique advantage.

The way offroad vehicles are designed nowadays is truly amazing if we stop to think about just how much thought and research was involved in the development process to get it onto the trail.

Next time you’re frustrated by what isn’t offered on your ride, look at all the cool things that it has and really take the time to appreciate how they were developed.

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