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Being in the Thanksgiving spirit over this past weekend I just had to write about some of the things in the ATV/UTV industry that I am thankful for.

These few items may only scratch the surface but I can guarantee you have said the same thing I have and that is “thank goodness for that”!

I am thankful for fuel injection because everyone knows jetting a carb for many different elevations and conditions really is a drag. Fuel injection also helps our favorite ride get up and go in any condition like a great ride should!

I am thankful for the supreme advancements in suspension. I cannot describe just how my back has suffered from the stock gas tube non-adjustable shocks I rode so many years prior to now. Can you imagine having to ride a machine as hard as you can with what was nothing more than a stiff spring?

I am thankful for the extreme development of the side-x-side. The industry has come so far and with the huge leaps in power thanks in part to fuel injection and also to suspension built to absorb the pounding for you.

Finally I am truly thankful to the many people who read my blogs and comment accordingly. If it were not for you I would be unemployed so I am most grateful to you my friends. Thank you.

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