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I’ve always had a great fascination with night riding and while in Baja several years’ back I fell in love with the awesomeness of HID lighting equipment.

I have since realized many things about lights and possible problems that can arise from using more than necessary.

If you have never used huge lights you may be surprised just how exciting the trails at become at night. The biggest problem most people run into though is providing a large enough power source to keep the lights working.

You must realize that just because your engine is equipped with 12-volt power doesn’t mean there’s endless power on tap. Manufacturers will include what’s needed to keep the machine running and probably a little more to run small accessories.

If you’re looking to run a huge set of halogens on a stock stator, forget it! The stator winding in stock form will most likely not handle the extra draw and will fry itself trying to keep up.

The use of HIDs however is possible as long as there are not too many lights pulling from the same electrical source. HID lights pull extra wattage, but only approximately half or less of what a halogen would use. Having the stator wound by a professional to upgrade its output is the smartest way to go.

Use what your machine really needs in order to function properly with the additional electrical draw. Trust me when I say this, your components will fail if you don’t take this info seriously.

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