The Resurgence of Aftermarket

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So many new companies and products have sprouted up in the last few months that it really feels like the offroad industry is on the rise once again.

The side-x-side market is hauling the mail and growing steadily with just about every manufacturer bringing something to the table. If this keeps up, perhaps we’ll even see the manufacturers begin to revive their sport and sport Utility lines as well.

The way some aftermarket products are being refined is just incredible as well. I bet I’ve seen at least five new lines of tires recently and of at least two new tire companies. New tools of the trade and ingenious new products have also hit the market. So from a consumer perspective I think we’re seeing a steady incline at least for now.

One manufacturer that has caught my attention is 6D with its ATR-1 helmet. This type of protection advancement could mean fewer injuries and fewer fatalities if worn, which translates to a reduction in negative press for the offroad industry. The technology in this helmet is incredible and kudos to these kind of companies for taking on one of the most sensitive subjects in our industry.

You can even buy headlight covers for your Utility ATV. I remember when I was in high school and it was the cool thing to have tinted headlight covers to match your tinted windows. Now a company called Fuse Powersports has the same type covers available for your Kawasaki Brute Force.

The industry appears to be growing once again so let’s keep it that way. Wear protective gear, take someone riding and do something to help the industry continue in the right direction!

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