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Why should you spend 50-60 dollars on a repair manual? If you want to work on your own off-road ride then you need an instruction manual geared specifically to your machine.

These books contain information that is not only specific to the ATV or UTV you own, the manufacturer has developed proven techniques to fix common issues that may arise.

You’ll also find the processes proven to be the right way to fix things like brakes, steering issues or even how to even overhaul the entire engine.

There are also many different tools listed in each manual available at your local dealer to remove or reinstall certain parts or pieces of your ATV and sometimes you can find these tools used, but if you have to get them new at least you have the correct part numbers right in front of you.

Everyone seems to be looking for ways to cut corners and extra money for a service manual instead of gas might not be what you want to think about, but if you can work on your own machine, this will come in really handy.

Besides, with rates at the dealer going up every day there’s real value in the knowledge contained in the pages of that book.

If it ever comes time to fix your ride and you decide to tackle the challenge on your own, you’ll be glad you have the service bible right beside you for reference.

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