TOMCAR Tough, Tough, Tough!

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Exclusive Editorial By: Mike Lester

We introduced you to Tomcar on this website a few months ago (click here to read) and recently got our turn to take the TM25J for a rip. Man, what an experience. Built to military specs, this model goes just about anywhere – literally.

Our team had access to Tomcar Canada’s private off-road course and was encouraged openly to see where we couldn’t take it – off trails and through the woods, tackling stumps without even damaging the front A-arms or undercarriage. It’s built tougher than almost any vehicle we’ve experienced as noted by the bulletproof steel used throughout.

The TM25J is powered by a 35 horsepower 725cc fuel injected V-twin Kolher engine with CVT, diff lock, high and low range and reverse. We got air under all four tires on more than one occasion and several times thought it might sprout wings.

At 64 inches wide, it’s as stable as a mountain goat. Sidehilling is a breeze and there’s barely a concern about tipping as its low centre of gravity kept us rooted to the earth.

Despite not having 4-wheel drive, there was only one time on our adventure it became an issue as we attempted to tackle a steep and slippery slope. Our recommendation would be to upgrade the stock rubber to some serious mudders. Once you figure out where the Tomcar can take you, you’ll appreciate the suggestion.

One other unique feature is the stock skid plate that runs the entire length of the TM25J. With twelve inches of ground clearance and this rugged, super smooth plate underneath, you can slide or slither over most anything – 4-wheel drive or not!

Visit to see Tomcar’s complete lineup and call (780) 454-6060 for dealer inquiries.

Check out Volume 9, #1 of All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine for the complete article with tons more photos, specs and details!

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