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We had a chance to sit down with Unison’s North American VP, James Kung, at the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis and, we’re impressed with the forward direction he’s taking the company.

In addition to Unison’s successful lineup of youth oriented ATVs this year, the 250cc Rage will hit the market full swing in 2007.

Plans don’t stop there. We heard of top secret plans for a 450 Sport ATV that Unison will bring to the market in early 2008. The 450 will be race-ready out of the box and plans are underway for a competition team to bring it to the forefront of its intended market.

Also on display at the show was a hot looking European-inspired 500cc motorcycle. This Ducati-esque beauty attracted many head turns and sparked a number of inquiries about its availability and origin.

Full development of this motorcycle is currently underway and it should be available for distribution shortly. Plans for higher output models are also on the table and you can bet this will happen in the not so distant future.

Look for Unison’s entire lineup to be featured in All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine’s upcoming Buyer’s Guide, available in April 2007 and watch for an evaluation of its 500cc motorcycle later this season.

By: Mike Lester

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