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I’ve often wondered what a Pro ATV racer does once he retires.

How do he fit back into ordinary life when the track fades into the distance? Do these racers think ahead and plan out the inevitable slowing or end of their racing career?

Over the past 15 years I’ve seen many racers come and go and have watched as many of these guys and girls build a brand that follows them even after the last checkered flag drops.

Bill Ballance takes new riders under his wing then turns them into even better riders and representatives of the sport he has been involved in for so long.

I’ve also watched as others race into the distance with no real idea of what will happen tomorrow and pretty soon their legend is nothing more than a fading poster pinned to a garage wall.

Bill is a great champion in the world of ATV racing, but I am sure he will eventually begin to think about what he’ll do down the road.

Endorsement deals aren’t as readily available for many aging riders and in this life you have to continually reinvent yourself to stay ahead.

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