What Would You Buy: SXS or 2-Up ATV?

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Someone asked me recently if I had a choice between a 2-up ATV or a side-x-side, which would I buy.

I really thought before I answered because there are a few fairly important factors I’d need to consider before laying down my money.

The first factor is the obvious financial investment. However with the price of a Polaris 550 Touring and a RZR 570 for example, being so close the more important factor for me is what’s best for my riding partner.

After careful consideration, I decided that a side-x-side was probably the better vehicle for me than a 2-up ATV and here’s why.

My riding partner is my wife and if I can share times on the trail with her sitting next to me and see the expression on her face it lets me know she’s having a good time, which as we all know guys, is going to make the post-ride more peaceful too.

I want whoever is with me on the trail to have a great time just like myself. On a 2-upper with the passenger behind me, I personally just can’t get that validation.

I am not anti 2-up by any stretch, but if given a choice between a 2-upper and a side-x-side, well I’d take a seat beside my co-pilot any day of the week.

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