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Okay, we get it. If you’re working on a utility line or hiking around a work site, it makes a lot of sense to have room for a couple of extra passengers.

It’s a no-brainer that in a work environment, extra capacity rules and it’s not a bad thing if you can carry those extra bodies and still have ample room for gear and cargo at the back. There are Rangers and Teryxs that do a great job at it.

How do you explain the success of Polaris’ RZR XP 4, though? These things are selling like water bottles at a house fire and we’re in a puzzle why.

First, the 4-passenger RZR is based on the RZR-series’ most serious platform and is powered by the segment’s hottest parallel twin.

If you haven’t ridden one, this 900cc EFI 4-stroke makes awesome power and instant throttle response all through its power range.

In the 2-passenger version, this mill allows the XP900 to be a power-sliding, deep bump wonder with amazing stability and dagger-sharp handling under power.

We expected little else from the 4-passenger RZR and after riding it, we’re not disappointed.

In fact, we’ve been impressed by the RZR4’s ability to negotiate the same kind of terrain in the same kind of way as its shorter sibling.

Yes, there’s a fraction slower steering response and with about 700 lbs of passenger weight over the wheels the longer wheelbase is challenged a bit at initial turn-in.

However, the RZR4 will still break the wheels loose and broadslide competently. Even in the muddiest quags, its 4WD system is 100-percent effective.

With only two on board, and the weight biased more to the front, the 4 breaks the rear wheels loose easily and handles very much like the 2-passenger RZR XP.

We think it’s all about versatility and the ability to experience the sport with more people.

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