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The whole off-road industry is scratching its head wondering when the fascination with high performance SxS vehicles will start tapering off.

With the blistering success of the Polaris XP900 and the highly successful introduction of the Arctic Cat Wildcat last year, it seems like every time the manufacturers toss a new super- performer out there, the market just grabs onto it and runs wild.

Certainly, the appeal of these fast, awesome handling, “buggy style” 4-wheelers is targeted at a younger, performance addicted audience. Lets be honest here, these customers are not looking for cargo capacity, towing ability or workhorse attributes. They’re looking for the ability to toss it sideways and broad-slide through corners with the throttle tapped.

Handling, balance, extreme power and super-effective long travel are the keynotes that make these vehicles so attractive.

Without any doubt at all, the most convincing strategy for getting more sales is to get riders behind the wheel and allowing them to experience the uncanny thrills these wheelers can deliver.

Once you’ve ridden an XP or a Wildcat, nothing else delivers the outright adrenaline rush these two can pump into your bloodstream.

It’s not just about engine output, either. With their incredible suspensions, you can take either of these Utes and absolutely trim deep moguls and bumps at any speed. Motor and chassis performance melds together to make them sizzle in the most extreme off-road circumstances.

This is a new market, definitely a notch above what we’ve seen and these buyers are willing to spend extra to get more. Makes us wonder what – and who – is next to get on board.

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