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ATV tires are one of the industry’s most commonly purchased aftermarket items.

We say, “no wonder!” A different set of meats with the correct lug pattern can make your 4-wheeler perform completely differently.

Nothing else will improve its acceleration more simply because you’re able to get all the power to the ground with less wheel spin.

Handling can be improved immediately, both at low speeds and at high speeds, on rough terrain and on smooth, hard surfaces.

Simply moving from a bias-style construction to a radial can make turn-in much sharper at higher speeds and help the tire grip earth in low-traction situations.

Braking is another area where a new tire can grab turf faster and more effectively and reduce stopping distances considerably. Just might save your life.

Fact is, the majority of tires installed by the factory on your spanking new wheeler are no-frills, basic rubber; good but not great. Some OEMs are really getting into the tire value consumers hunger for by offering upgrades and special packages that highlight better tires.

It may not be enough, though, depending on how you use your 4-wheeler. For instance, if you ride rocks and hard surfaces a lot, a mud tire, although it looks uber-cool may not be the best for you.

Likewise, if your skins’ lugs are worn off, you’re going to be very challenged in slick, greasy mud – it’s just a no-brainer. Try to find the aftermarket tire that suits the majority of places you ride and your local weather conditions best.

Here’s another one: If you’ve had to fix flats and put tubes or plugs in your tires on a regular basis, you should really consider replacing the whole set, even if there’s one still-decent unplugged tire on your ATV.

Especially with 4×4 ATVs, it’s important that the tires all match in height and lug pattern, are closely inflated and have about the same wear on them.

Besides, new tires make such a big difference you’ll probably fall in love all over again with your 4-wheeler.

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