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Not all aftermarket accessory parts are created equal. If you search the Internet for a part or accessory for your ATV or SXS and you only search for the lowest price, you might be cheating yourself in more ways than one.

Major manufacturers tend to build quality products for their off road vehicles and if you want a part that will last, work well and fit your vehicle correctly, it pays to search within their accessory catalogs first.

Companies such as Can-Am have many high quality parts that have been tested and proven to last. When I buy a product, whether it’s a roof, set of bumpers or even something as simple as a winch mount I look to see what the manufacturer of the vehicle offers first because I know it will fit right and install with usually very little effort.

A friend recently purchased a universal top for his side-by-side and bragged about the smoking deal he got. After riding through a few trails he noticed the top tearing away from its mounts because the plastic was paper-thin and the mounts were so small that it couldn’t handle the strain of a few small branches. After tearing it off to dispose of it he realized he was out $125 and still needed a top for his ride.

When considering what you’re paying for, the price should include a return policy, warranty information and shipping costs because if you aren’t satisfied with the part and get stuck with it because you bought bargain bin, bottom shelf products then how much did that piece really cost you?

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