ATVOntario Introduces Dual Trail Pass

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Press Release –

ATVOntario Tourism Initiatives Inc. announced today that it has released PowerPass Ontario™. The pass is unique in North America and sets a new standard for trail stewardship, sustainability, ease of use and flexibility.

Dual Use

On ATVOntario trail systems a PowerPass Ontario™ subscription card permits holders to ride ATVs other than their own by providing a simple proof of identity. It also allows others to drive any ATV provided the make and license number on the rear of the card matches the ATV make and license plate number.

No Artificial Year Ends

PowerPass Ontario™ permits are valid for one full year no matter when purchased.

On-Line Purchase – Instant Use – Plastic Card

PowerPass Ontario™ is purchased online at and is immediately activated with a printed receipt that serves as validation until the personalized plastic credit card sized pass arrives in the mail.

Affordable and Family Friendly

PowerPass Ontario™ is priced at $120 and a family subscription of up to 5 riders is capped at $240.

Trail Sustainability and Equitability

ATVOntario’s alliance partners and trail systems benefit equally from revenues of PowerPass Ontario™. Each ATVOntario community will receive equal funding regardless of the customer’s home address, thereby ensuring continuous predictable investment in infrastructure and tourism value.

Provincial in Nature – Reciprocal in Practise

PowerPass Ontario™ is a reciprocal trail pass subscription. All 5 ATVOntario communities recognize it as valid for use on their trail systems. Community passes, including daily, weekly and annual passes co-exist with PowerPass Ontario™ in ATVOntario communities.

“We have listened to what ATVers want.” stated Andrew Ryeland, President of ATVOntario. “We received an overwhelming number of emails and telephone calls encouraging us to offer a trail pass that could be used across our partner’s systems. ATVOntario offers several thousand kilometres of signed, mapped and insured trails that traverse the most spectacular geography on the continent. We have been offering world class ATV trails, accommodations, packages and welcoming communities for several years now and it was time to stitch those experiences together. PowerPass Ontario™ is part of our continued effort to deliver compelling destinations to the nearly 300,000 ATVers in Ontario and ten times that number immediately beyond our borders.

PowerPass Ontario™ is available on-line at

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