Better Safe than Sorry!

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We’re heading into winter riding conditions and, as has been our annual policy, we’re going to encourage you to check your differential lubricant for water before you do damage to expensive seals, bearings and gears.

If you’re like us, you run mud and water in the spring, summer and fall. After repeated dunkings there’s little doubt you’ll have ingested some moisture in your ATV’s front and rear differentials.

Small amounts of water can be adequately absorbed by good quality diff lubricants. However, there is a limit as to how much water you can mix with these lubes before water contamination sets in and the lubricant starts to break down.

Don’t take any chances! Simply inspect the lube (some newer ATVs now have dip sticks on the differential); if it looks milky, bubbly or watery thin, dump it and put in fresh.

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