CATV Promotes Safety & Environmentalism

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The CATV, the Canadian All-Terrain Vehicle Association (whose members represent 99% of all ATVs distributed in Canada), has long been an advocate of safe riding practices and environmental awareness.

“With the increasing number of ATV enthusiasts taking to the trails, promoting safety and environmentally sensitive riding are even more crucial,” says CATV president Bob Ramsay. “We must give enthusiasts the best information and resources to encourage them to ride responsibly and enjoy the sport.”

For years, the ATV industry, via the CATV, has continued to support these initiatives through programs related to rider training, safe riding practices (Ride Like a Pro CD and Stay Safe, Stay on the Trail campaign), and ATV NatureWatch, a program intended to preserve Canada’s environment through responsible ATV riding.

“We’ve now taken that commitment a step further and will be funding deserving ATV and off-road motorcycle federations nationally and provincially to promote the two key messages of safety and environmental awareness,” says Ramsay. “One of the best ways to accomplish this is to start at the grassroots level by offering help to responsible rider federations.”

The sustaining and project grants will be used to help form and expand provincial and national ATV and off-road motorcycle rider federations.

Provincial or national federations of ATV clubs, off-road motorcycle clubs or ATV and off-road motorcycle clubs, will be eligible to apply for grants to the CATV commencing July 1, 2006.

“The clubs, federations and their members are really the foundation of ATV and off-road motorcycle riding in Canada. This program will help them to continue maintaining well-signed, easily accessible trail systems that help to promote safe and environmentally responsible riding,” says Ramsay. “By working together, we’ll be able to continue promoting these two key issues.

We firmly believe in cooperating with responsible trail federations, safety organizations, environmental groups, governments and riders to ensure a vital future for recreational riding in Canada. And we’re making real investments to make sure that happens,” he adds.

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