Crank Motorsports Give Lucky Canucks Fan Free ATV

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Press Release –

On December 9th, 2005 The Vancouver Canucks had their second overtime victory over The Ottawa Senators and Crank Motorsports made its presentation during the second intermission as Fin, the beloved Vancouver Canucks mascot slid onto the ice to give a lucky fan a free Unison 150cc Desert Cat.

The presentation lasted only a few moments, but was seen by thousands of spectators from all around. The exposure of the 150cc Desert Cat to the Vancouver Market went as well as it possibly could have, showing not only its cosmetic appeal, but also how easy the units are to operate.

The winners are avid ATV and powersport enthusiasts and Crank Motorsports wishes them good luck and happy riding!

Contact Crank Motorsports at (604) 779-9100 for more information about Unison’s ATV lineup.

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