Kory Ellis Long on Speed Short on Luck

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The third round of the ITP QuadCross was held at the Arizona Cycle Park in Buckeye, AZ. The warm and windy day found Yoshimura’s ATV Brand Manager eyeing the blue grooved track looking for the best lines for passing.

He liked what he saw: multiple lines, one large triple jump and a six pack with multiple table tops. It was sure to be a good day.

Because of rider turnout, the race was set up as two heat races and a main, instead of the normal two moto configuration. Kory blasted off the starting line in his heat and was second at the first turn.

He trailed the leader until he was able pass him going down a long rough downhill straightaway. From that point, Kory steamrolled his way to a full five second lead at the finish.

Then it was time for the main. Once again Kory was hot on the heels of the leader for the first half of the race. Seeking a good passing point, he finally saw the opportunity for a clean hard driving pass going outside in a tight 180 degree turn.

Unfortunately somewhere in that steep banking turn the prototype subframe he was riding broke and he started slowing down and soon lost his hard fought for lead.

Two laps later, the problem had gotten so bad that Kory could no longer sit down. He was still able to ride the bike enough to cross the line in fourth.

“It was just one of those days,” Kory explained. “It was going so good and then, well, I guess that’s racing.”

May 6th will find Kory back in California for Round 4

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