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Press Release –

Pre registration, via online sign up, began over the weekend for this year’s 6th annual Maxxis 12 Hours of ATV America, held November 10th in Greenville, Texas.

This year’s event will see many changes. Topping the list, untraditional to typical team endurance racing, is the opportunity for teams to enter more than one ATV.

“It wasn’t an easy decision, but based on the many suggestions we’ve had before and after the new rule change I think it was a good one,” says Fast-Trak Promo’s John Pellan. “We kept hearing that riders would have entered a team last year but none of the team members were willing to sacrifice their own personal quad for 12 hours of abuse. We also heard many comments, especially from pro riders, that they couldn’t compete due to sponsor conflicts.

I think we solved these pitfalls and more by allowing one quad per team member.” Pellan continues, “What’s great about how we’re going about this new rule is the impound procedure we’re using. The old school teams using one machine won’t have to worry about time delays occurred in the impound area or cold engine starts. In the end I think one-quad teams will be competitive with the new multi-quad teams and we’ll have opened the door to many more entries.”

A whopping $20,000 purse is up for grabs. Plus there’s a tentative $10,000 winner take all purse in addition. This year, unlike the prior five years, every class is eligible to land their stake of the purse money – not just the pro teams.

What’s more, Fas-Trak has cut the gate admission in half and the Pro entry fee by a whopping third. “If this doesn’t attract a good group of Pro entries, I don’t know what will. I think we’ll see a lot of competition this year. Our five time winners led by Chris Borich and John Natalie should have their hands full come November,” says Pellan. He adds, “When John challenged all professional racers all over the world to come try to take this from them on the stage last year, it really got my attention. The Ironman’s statement inspired me to bring back the big purse and make this race what it truly should be – ATV racing’s grand finale.”

If the above doesn’t get interest, Fast-Trak Promo is betting that their first ever 4×4 ATV America and Miss ATV America side bar events will. “We needed a way to attract spectators and more overall interest towards the race,” says Pellan. He adds, “These aren’t hokey side show attractions. We’ve come up with two great stand alone events and we’re included them for the same gate admission. I’m confident that we will indeed attract a lot of spectators and interest toward the 12 Hours of America event by including our first-ever 4×4 America and Miss ATV America competitions. I think we’ve stepped up and put together a great concept and backed it all up with quality grand prizes.”

This year’s Miss ATV America will enjoy an all expense paid vacation for two to her choice of Las Vegas or Cancun. Meanwhile we’ll send our first-ever 4×4 ATV America Champion to Baja California, Mexico to ride on a Baja 1000 tour.Classes remain the same with Pro, A, B/C, +30, Utility Expert, Youth 13-15 and Ironman for anyone crazy enough to want to try to race for 12 hours long.

An Industry class will once again be added for the 12 Hours of America event, (2/3 of the teams must be employed by the team name). “No where else do you get a chance to race along side the best ATV racers in the world and possible beat them and take their purse money. We should have done this from the start,” says Pellan.

“The 12 Hours of America has become one of the most looked forward to events in our sport and it is a great honor that it’s now held on our property. It’s as big as Texas, and we’re committed to do whatever it takes to make this event the number one ATV event in the world. This year’s race is going to be amazing”, said Caddo Point’s, Barbara Miller.

Teams can sign up online today at where they’re able to pay via check, Pay Pal or at the event.

Teams that scored the most points during this year’s Maxxis 6 Hours of ATV America Tour will receive a free entry to the Maxxis 12 Hours of ATV America courtesy of Fast-Trak Promotions, Inc.

For more information:
Fast-Trak Promotions, Inc.
Brent Deen, Marketing Manager
(972) 951-3649 or (440) 461-4858

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