Land Pride Treker 20 Series: An American Workhorse

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Exclusive Editorial By: AJ Lester

After getting some seat time in this machine we’ve determined that not only is the 2007 Land Pride Treker 20 Series formidable competition for other UTV manufacturers, in some utility conditions it could lead the pack.

Underneath the dump box of the Treker 20 Series rests a neatly packaged 20 horsepower Honda air-cooled power plant meshed to a CVT tranny.

This mill will propel the Treker up to 30 MPH and drives a 2 or 4 wheel independently suspended drive system. Although top speed isn’t mind-blowing this rugged side-x-side will carry up to 1,300 pounds of payload and incorporates a standard electric dump box actuator that can be easily triggered by the driver. This standard feature is in short supply on other UTV models and makes the Treker 20 stand out in a big way.

The Treker features options that cater to landscaping, construction, farming and hunting. Plus the fully enclosed cab and 60-inch snow blade make it a potent winter workhorse.

With 9.5 inches of ground clearance and a more than adequate independent suspension this vehicle will work all week and play all weekend.

Before you go dropping big coin on a UTV, take a look at what the Treker 20 Series can do on the trail, around the yard, on the farm or on the job site. You might be surprised by what this UTV can deliver.


Special thanks to Mark Legroulx from East-Can Equipment Sales for a great day of riding. In Canada, call East-Can at (519) 801-4227.

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