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Often when launching a new website the promise is to stay on top of it and update it regularly – it’s kind of like when you get a new puppy, “I’ll walk it every day”. However heavy workloads and day to day tasks tend to eat up available time and unless you’ve hired an in-house web specialist to supervise site traffic, add fresh content and monitor your competition, content will grow stale faster than a loaf of bread.

What if you could have a “web guru” on call to do the behind the scenes work? What if there was someone who could monitor your competition, update content, supervise site traffic and keep your web search ranking at an optimal level? What if using this valuable service wouldn’t break the bank? It’s not just a pipe dream anymore, it’s a reality and Odd Labs Media Group is making it happen.

Odd Labs offers one of the most valuable and most overlooked services available to any business with a website. Instead of taking the “when I have time” approach to your website, Odd Labs can implement its invaluable WAM Plan (Web Administration Management Plan) to your site and claims the WAM Plan can increase traffic to your site by up to 250% within the first year!

There’s no question if marketed correctly, a website can be an integral part of your advertising strategy. If you’ve invested in a website, don’t flush your money down the toilet because it’s a burden to maintain. Contact Odd Labs and hear them out. Let a representative show you how the investment in your website can finally start to pay off.

For more information call Mike Jones at (905) 923-0166 and email sales@oddlabs.net with your questions.

Check out the all new ODD LABS website at OddLabs.net

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