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Press Release –

(CPRA) Canadian Powersports Racing has announced that they will promote a new series of ATV races in Ontario this winter.

“We’re pleased to introduce Quad Terrain ATV racing at our CSRA Snocross events this winter,” said Canadian Powersports Racing President Ken Avann. “We have had numerous requests from racers and the Powersports industry to promote a professional ATV racing series. Our winter Quad Terrain series will feature racing classes for Sport Utility 4X4 ATVs.”

Most ATV owners can relate to this class, as they own the same type of 4X4 ATV that the racers are competing with. ATV manufactures such as Arctic Cat, and Can-Am have already introduced factory supported Quad Terrain teams that use Quad Terrain racing to test the durability of new production ATVs.

The CPRA “Quad Terrain Challenge” series will take place at well established CSRA Snowcross racing events in Ontario.

During competitions, racers will compete head to head on a closed course over a variety of challenging terrain that will test the ATVs durability as well as the rider’s skills and physical fitness.

Schedule Of Events:

December 9 – Sault Ste Marie, Ont.
January 20 – Owen Sound, Ont.
February 3 – Peterborough, Ont.
February 10 – Bracebridge, Ont.
March 2 – Kirkland Lake, Ont.
March 9 – North Bay, Ont.

The CPRA ATV series will feature (2) race classes for Sport Utility ATVs with engine displacement up to 700cc. Juniors 16-17 years of age will compete in the “Stock Lites” class which includes 4X4 ATVs with a engine displacement of 0-600cc.

Adults 18 years of age or older will compete in the Pro Stock 0-700cc class. All racers are required to wear approved safety equipment and the ATVs used for competition must meet specific CPRA safety standards.

In addition to prizes and awards the CPRA will provide a minimum guaranteed purse of $12,000 for the Pro Stock class. Prize money will be allocated to competitors at each event as follows.
1st = $1000, 2nd = $500, 3rd = $250, 4th = $150, 5th = $100

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