WPSA ATV Tour Racing Class Structure

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Press Release –

The WPSA PowerSports ATV Tour will sanction 27 Pro, Pro Am, Youth and Amateur classes during the 2007 ATV racing season.

Due to an overwhelmingly positive response, the Tour has added the Pro SuperSport “UTV” class to its Pro lineup, which also includes the popular SuperQuad Pro 450 MX and the Pro Stock QuadTerrain Challenge classes.

“When we ran the side-by-side vehicles at our last race of 2006, the excitement from our fans, our teams and our stakeholders was unmistakable, making it an obvious addition to our already thrilling Pro ATV racing show,” said PowerSports Entertainment, Inc. CEO Rick Murphy. “This, along with some important changes in our Pro-Am, Amateur and Youth classes, should make 2007 one of our most exciting seasons on record.”

In addition to the changes in the Pro classes, the Tour will provide alternative lines for riders wishing to run in the Amateur QuadTerrain Challenge classes, which includes Stock Lites (601-700cc), Stock Unlimited (601+cc), and Modified.

“We are dedicated to our ladder system in the PowerSports ATV Tour,” said Scott O’Malley, president of PowerSports Entertainment, Inc. “It’s important we allow Amateur riders, who have limited budgets and experience, a place to compete with an eye on stepping up to our top QuadTerrain Challenge Class. Alternative, amateur, lines will give these riders a place to compete without the concern of damaging equipment or racing at a level beyond their experience.”

The Tour has made several notable changes to its youth classes. Production Lites 13-15 will remain the same as in years past, while the 0-50cc Junior and Senior Classes have been modified.

The 0-50cc Limited Class (4-6) will be open to quads with automatic clutch, and CVT belt drives, while the 0-55cc Production Class (6-8) will be open to quads with auto clutches.

The balance of the youth classes are: 51-70cc (production, auto clutch 6-11); 70cc (shifter, 6-11); 71-90cc, 2 Stroke, 75-125cc, 4 Stroke Production (8-11); 71-90cc, 2 Stroke, 75-125cc, 4 Stroke Production (12-15); 90cc Production (CVT belt drive, 8-15); 75-125cc 4 Stroke Production (8-15); 90cc 2 Stroke, 125cc 4 Stroke Modified (8-12); and 105cc 2 Stroke, 150cc 4 Stroke SuperMini (12-15).

The Tour has also split the women’s class into two classes: A and B/C.



* SuperQuad Pro 450
* SuperQuad Pro Am
* A Class
* B Class
* C Class
* Women A
* Women B/C
* 16-24
* Plus 25
* Plus 35
* Open Amateur

Youth Classes:

* Production Lites 13-15 yrs
* 50 cc limited auto clutch CVT belt drive 4 to 6 years
* 50 cc production auto clutch6 to 8 years
* 51 to 70 cc production auto clutch 6 to 11 years
* 70cc shifter 6 to 11 years
* 71 to 90cc 2 stroke 75 to 125cc 4 stroke production 8 to 11years
* 71 to 90cc 2 stroke 75 to 125cc 4 stroke production 12 to 15 years
* 90cc production CVT belt drive 8 to 15 years
* 75-125cc 4 stroke production 8 to 15 years
* 90cc 2 stroke-125cc4 stroke modified 8 to 12years
* 105cc 2 stroke 150cc 4stroke 12 to 15 years * * SUPERMINI

QuadTerrain Challenge (4×4 ATV):

* Pro Stock 601-700cc
* Stock Lites 0-600cc
* Stock Unlimited 601-Unlimited cc
* Modified

SuperSport (Side-by-Side UTV):

* Pro SuperSport

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