Yamaha Announces All-New YFZ450R

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Press Release –

Yamaha Engineering and Race-Ready Features Create New Top Level of Performance

Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., announced the highly anticipated and all-new YFZ450R at its national dealer meeting in Las Vegas today.

The new 2009 model year machine, built to be the world’s best all-around high performance racing and recreational sport ATV, comes loaded with state-of-the-art suspension, fuel injection, a no-weld aluminum frame and an all-new power packed engine set in a motocross-wide chassis.

Yamaha has a well deserved reputation of building the industry’s best sport ATVs. The original YFZ450 was announced in 2003 as the first race-ready 450-class ATV with leading technology and more pure sport performance than any machine ever built at that time.

Since then Yamaha has dominated the field across the board with the best selling big bore sport ATV in the Raptor 700R* down to the best selling 250-class machine with the Raptor 250.

But the YFZ is still the pinnacle of ATV performance, and even with a constantly growing number of competitors entering the 450 market, the YFZ has always been the top seller in its class*.


The new YFZ450R meshes this history of dominance with the latest in Yamaha technology and innovation. In its stock form, the YFZ450R is the best all around performance ATV combining racing technology and features with all-terrain sport performance.

Starting with its motocross track-width, the YFZ450R is immediately ready for the MX track. The no-weld cast aluminum frame is lightweight and has a tension-steel bottom portion that helps keep the engine as low as possible centralizing mass for excellent handling. The cast aluminum frame is bolted together, rather than welded, for maximum durability.


The YFZ450R comes with newly designed front and rear suspension. The front frame is narrow at the A-arm mounting points reducing changes in the camber as the A-arms travel through their full range of motion.

The front 44mm KYB shocks have Kashima coating for smooth operation and impact absorption with 9.8 inches of wheel travel. The gravity-fed aluminum rear swingarm is matched to a fully adjustable 46mm KYB piggyback shock affording the rear wheels 11 inches of travel.


The YFZ450R has a powerful 5-valve DOHC liquid cooled single cylinder 449cc engine that uses the cylinder head and cylinder from the championship-winning YZ450F. The titanium five-valve cylinder head comes with camshafts designed just for this machine that hammers out superior low- to mid-range torque and pushes through to a high-revving, hole-shot grabbing top end.

The technologically advanced 450R is also equipped with electronic fuel injection featuring a 42mm MikuniĀ® throttle body, 12-hole Denso injector system and a Mitsubishi 32 bit ECU, which provides exceptional atomization of the fuel for maximum power, unrivaled throttle response and automatic altitude and temperature adjustment.

The system also includes idle speed control for easy, reliable start-up. A stainless steel head pipe with a titanium heat shield and a new oval muffler provide maximum performance while keeping the YFZ450R well within current noise guidelines.


Yamaha Factory Racing experience led to a host of enhanced features on the YFZ450R. One benefit is race prep and service made simple. Body panels come off easily, and there is no need to remove the battery or other components to take off the fenders. The oil tank is integrated with the crankcase so it’s easier to service the engine.

The YFZ450R also boasts ProTaperĀ® handlebars and all-new four-position adjustability. There are two sets of holes in the handlebar crown and eccentric clamps that allow the rider to choose between the standard setting, 10mm or 20mm forward, or 10mm back.

A newly shaped thumb throttle lever delivers smooth throttle control requiring less effort and causing less fatigue. A new seat design is thin yet roomy in the front and wider and more padded in the back for a more comfortable all-around ride. The YFZ450R also comes with very large 65mm wide foot pegs with kick-ups that provide maximum traction and added comfort when moving around on the machine.


Newly designed DunlopĀ® tires have a superb combination of compound, tire profile, tread pattern and sidewall-to-tread center stiffness to provide outstanding comfort, bump absorption and precise cornering performance.

At 20 inches in the rear and 21 inches in the front, the tires also provide maximum ground clearance for track, trail or dune riding. The YFZ450R has excellent stopping power from dual front hydraulic disc brakes and a lightweight wave-type rear rotor including dual piston calipers in the back as well as the front.

Rounding out the ATV’s top features is an instrument panel located on the fender in front of the rider including vital indicators signaling low fuel, coolant temperature, check engine, and neutral gear in a straightforward LED display.

The 2009 YFZ450R comes in a standard color Team Yamaha Blue/White or in a second color Red/White. It will be in dealerships in November with an MRSP of $7,999 USD.

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