CRUZ TOOLS: RoadTech M3 Tool Kit

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Cruz Tools has one of the neatest mini tool kits we’ve seen. The RoadTech M3 comes in an efficiently packaged roll up tool pouch that fits easily in the storage compartment of your ATV or side-by-side.

Short on storage? The whole package only weighs a few measly pounds, so for the benefit of peace-of-mind, you could stow the RoadTech in your pack without burdening yourself. In fact, after a few short minutes, you probably would forget you were carrying it.

That’s the beauty of having a trailside tool kit like this with you. Pack it, forget about it and just focus on your ride.

The kit comes complete with 4 metric combination wrenches (8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm) made from chrome vanadium steel of the highest quality, a forged steel 8-inch adjustable wrench, vice grips, tire pressure gauge, mini LED flashlight, Alan keys, screwdriver, spark plug socket, gapper, electrical tape and one of the coolest polished chrome mini ratchet sets we’ve seen complete with extension and popular sized sockets.

If it’s ever happened to you, a breakdown can completely ruin your day if you don’t have the proper tools to fix the problem. Imagine being able to fix your ATV quickly and get back on the trail with minimal down time.

Investing less than $100 in a kit from Cruz Tools sure beats hiking out a 10-mile trail on foot in your riding boots. Not sure yet? Keep that in mind next time your feet are aching from walking out of the bush.

Call Cruz Tools Toll-Free 888-909-8665 and visit

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