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Looking for a hauling solution other than inside the bed of your truck that doesn’t require pulling a trailer? Look no further than a DiamondBack HD Truck Cover.

Quick installation covers your truck bed and and will hold up to 1600 pounds, which translates to two full-size ATVs or one side-x-side.

The DiamondBack HD Truck Cover allows easy loading via arched aluminum folding ramps that fit securely to the aluminum tube mounts running up the sides of the cover.

Drive your ATV up onto the ramp, secure it with appropriate tie-downs, fold the ramp back up and slide it back into the truck bed out of site.

The benefit apart from securely carrying your ATV is having the capacity of your truck bed back. Now you can fill it with gas cans and all your riding gear instead of throwing your stuff up in the cab with you.

Click here to watch our evaluation on YouTube.

Click here to visit DiamondBack’s website.

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