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Our crew is often asked what we prefer to wear when riding from jeans and a shirt to full on riding gear or any combination therein.

Truthfully you see us in all sorts of styles on the show from jeans and a jersey to over-the-boot riding pants and a T-shirt, but one brand we really appreciate for its durability and style is FXR.

FXR has over-the-boot riding pants and jerseys worth looking at. Its A.R.C OTB Pant 18 (#183311) and the Revo MX Jersey 19 (#193305) are some of the coolest and most functional in the industry.


We actually prefer a long sleeve protection when riding and the lightweight polyester-spandex mesh design of the Revo MX jersey fits comfortably and offers superior air flow to allow wind to cool you down and won’t make you overheat while you’re sitting still.

It’s a slim fit design so the jersey doesn’t look ridiculously oversized as some do features a tapered cuffs your sleeve doesn’t catch on your hand grip when making turns.

The Revo MX line features fade-free sublimation so your jersey remains bright and colourful after each wash and looks cool tucked or untucked.

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This durable over-the-boot design is made from 600D polyester fabric and features leather inner knee panels to protect your legs from abrasion and heat.

Rib knit stretch inserts at the groin and inner thigh as well as back yoke and leg areas as well as accordion stretch inserts above knees allow the pant leg to stretch in natural locations when your knee is bent or when you’re in a seated position. The knee area is also pre-curved to allow room for braces.

There are also zippered vents at the thigh and upper knee for ventilation and a large zippered pocket to carry whatever.

The upper portion of the pant is also lined with polyester mesh lining for breathability when vents zippers are open and also boasts inner removable hip padding you can leave in or take out depending on your riding style and desired comfort.

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Gear is so subjective and the right riding pant for one person might be completely different for the next guy. Luckily FXR offers a ridiculously wide range of products that will give you the opportunity to find the best combination for your next ride.

Visit FXRracing.com to check out these products and more.

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