New High Gloss Tire Finish

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Looking for a product that will keep your tires shining for a weeks instead of a few days? Look no further than Hypd from Voodoo Ride.

“People can believe all the hype about Hypd. It’s that good,” said Dale Earnhardt Jr., co-founder of Voodoo Ride. “The one thing that always bothered me about other tire finish products was that the shine wore off after only a few days. When I put Hypd on my car’s tires, the high gloss finish lasts for weeks.”

Hypd high gloss tire finish is more advanced than traditional tire shine products because it uses a three-part silicone system, plus two sophisticated additives that bond to tires, forming a protective barrier that prevents cracking, fading and premature aging.

Hypd delivers a high gloss durable shine that lasts for weeks.


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