Outrage Mounts at Proposed Ban

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In response to the proposed legislation banning riders under the age of fourteen from using ATVs in New Brunswick.

I have personally been driving motorized vehicles since I was eight years old. Yes, I did have the occasional accident and once I had to get 4 stitches in my palm after falling off my motorcycle when I was around ten.

On the other hand, I’ve had more stitches from a swing falling on my head and a see-saw incident in grade three, but I don’t expect these recreation items to be banned in the near future.

I am not against legislation in the interests of public safety. I am against draconian measures that in my opinion are not very well thought out or rationalized.

I fully support the concept of preventing under-age drivers using adult-sized machines and believe that the majority of accidents that have had the most severe injuries have been a direct result of this type of use.

I do not support the prevention of children using smaller, children-sized vehicles. I have an eight year old son with special needs that prevent him from participating in team sports, but he does have the ability and aptitude to ride a small ATV.

I truly believe that I am a better driver today due to my many years of experience from a young age driving various motorized vehicles and hope that my son can build upon similar driving experience to perfect his adult driving.

I ask that you reconsider your opinion and give younger children the chance to drive appropriately-sized machinery.

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