Any Thoughts On Helmet Cams?

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My friends and I thought it would be blast to video our ATV trips. Can you give me any advice on where we might be able to rent a helmet cam set up?

Rob Willey


Hi Rob,

Great idea to record your ATV trip with a helmet cam. You’ll get a kick out of watching first person images of all the action and documenting the mayhem and fun.

You may be hard pressed to find anyone other than a production studios that will rent helmet cam equipment and it could cost serious greenbacks.

We’ve had good luck purchasing equipment from They make a great product tailored to extreme sports and brutal conditions.

You can pick up a complete package for under $500 and you won’t have to answer to a renter when it comes back covered in dirt and mud. If you ride with the same guys regularly, splitting the cost might be a smart move.

AJ Lester

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