Are Aftermarket Power Steering Kits Available?

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Dear Motorhead,

Kent Lester was asked last year if there were any aftermarket power steering kits available yet. Is the answer still no?

The only quads with it from the factory are gutless single cylinder wonders compared to my 800 Can Am. Until I put tracks on it last winter, steering was not an issue.

However, with tracks on I can see that power steering would be a real asset; the bike has a tendency to get ‘sucked in’ to one side or another. That is to say when riding, if there is a drift or heavier or deeper snow on one side, the bike gets pulled off in that direction.

The bike is still pretty quick, but can’t be ridden on trails nearly as fast as it’s capable of because it constantly heads off into the woods.



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Think about this – if you were to “add” an aftermarket PS kit (when and if they become available) to an ATV not designed for such a system don’t you think the stress would potentially tear up your tie rods, ball joints and steering frog?

Power steering is useful on the ATV’s which we’ve sampled it on only with big mud tires.

We find little if any benefit from these systems with stock tires and wheels. Having said that, with a track kit I can only imagine how badly a PS assisted system could bend and wear out front end parts.

Our experience has been track kits used for substantial mileage on any ATV create advanced wear and loosened everything associated with the steering and suspension.

While I agree your handling woes would be made less severe, you would likely find the wear and potential expense to be a concern.

Motorhead Mark

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