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I am thinking of buying a new Arctic Cat 1000 Thunder Cat. Have there been tests done yet comparing it to any of the 800’s?

Mychal Barber


Thanks for your email!

Here’s the deal. At this writing the only T-Cats in existence are in TRF in the hands of the Engineers and Sales and Marketing guys.

If any comparos with other Big Bore Sport/Utes have been performed (and I’m sure they have) they were all done under wraps at AC in TRF.

We have ridden the T-Cat and were impressed with its performance. However, without any other Big Bores on the ground to ride back-to-back, our comparisons are totally speculative.

Here’s what we think will be the outcome – provide the production engines mirror what we experienced earlier this summer on the pre-production T-Cats we rode. We think the OL 800 will be as strong – maybe even a touch stronger out of the hole.

In the mid-range we felt the two engines were very equal and the top end felt like the T-Cat did have significantly more than the OL 800. The 1000 engine is a low-revver and very torquey.

The OL 800 is a higher revving engine but feels like its geared lower and produces wild wheel spin at low speeds. The T-Cat had a very gentle low speed response – something that would make it great for picking through rocks, roots and tricky trails.

The big end of the T-Cat was formidable and AC claims they have more HP than Rotax does.

That’s all we know right now.

Motorhead Mark

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