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Dear Motorhead:

You’re Moose hunting in Northern Quebec or Ontario. You just shot a 1000 lbs + Moose. Between you and your truck you have 5 kms of steep hills full of roots, stumps, rocks, swamp, mud and it’s November so add lots of cold rain.

What quad does a guy in that situation want to get him and his animal back to the truck? I’m shopping.



Thanks for your email!

There’s no doubt in my mind there is no ATV ideally suited for what you’ve described – a 1000 pound load would be too much for any current ATV.

Clearly, the kind of task you have described is risky and over the limit with any current 4 wheel ATV but is completely doable with a number of SXS on the market. This scenario is perfect for a SXS with a roof to keep the “cold rain” off your neck as well.

If you must have an ATV the only unit I can think of would be a Polaris 6X6.

Hope this helps,

Motorhead Mark

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