Starter Problems On ’99 Polaris

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I have a ’99 300 Polaris Explorer. The battery’s good, but the starter won’t engage.

Is there a simple way to determine if it’s the solenoid vs the starter? Suppose I could jump from positive post directly to starter, but tough place to try that.


Thanks in advance….



Hey Matt:

Here’s my best shot:

If you’ve tested the battery and it’s still good, there are four things that could be wrong:

1. The starter motor is pooched. This doesn’t seem likely because if only the starter was no good you’d still get juice to the solenoid and you’d hear either a clicking noise or a spinning-clunking sound as the starter bendix was trying to engage.

2. The starter solenoid. I’d test this first. If you can get hold of a meter or a test light, see if juice is getting to the solenoid. These things can dead short, though, and give a tricky reading.

3. Wiring. If you have a break in the wiring or a bad (corroded) connection anywhere between the switch, solenoid and battery, the starter won’t engage.

4. Ignition switch. Even if you’re getting power to the switch to turn on the lights and other stuff, the starter poles can be toast. Test it with a meter when you turn the ignition part of the switch.

It would really help in this situation if you have a friend with another Polaris so you can “borrow” some of his pieces for testing (switch, solenoid) to eliminate possibilities. Otherwise, take it to a dealer and let them test it.

Hope this helps.

Kent Lester

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