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Staff Commentary

Since its intro a couple of years ago we’ve been pretty critical of the front end ride and handling performance of the 650 and 800 Outlander.

We haven’t been bashful about dissing the calibration of the double A-arm front suspension and have even commented that the 400 and 500’s McPherson struts delivered a superior ride to the more expensive models.

We’re eating crow now because the re-calibrated late 2007 and new ’08 Can-Am double A-arm Outlanders are exhibiting new-found ride compliance and the ability to stick in corners like a cat on a screen door.

We had a chance to sample a new 800 recently on a 70 mile ride and couldn’t believe the difference. Although there’s been no changes to the basic geometry, the difference is in the setup of the front shocks. Night and day, black and white… better.

This was the only link missing in rating the 800 the cream of the Big Bore class. With a killer engine package, an excellent 4-wheel drive system (Visco-Lock) and now top of class handling, there’s no reason to walk past this great 4-wheeler.

We’re a bit ticked, though. We pride ourselves in being critical and there’s just not much to hate here anymore.

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