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Great to see your videos on YouTube, love watching Dirt Trax TV.

I have a question: I am 67 and my wife and I are thinking of upgrading from our Yamaha ATV to a Polaris RZR 570.

In watching your test in episode 2 do you have an opinion on engine braking? We live in the West Kootenays of British Columbia and have some very steep grades on our trails and my Yamaha holds back good and would look forward to the same on the base 570 RZR.

I know Polaris offers the 570 in an LE with power steering and engine braking but we are retired and have a budget to work with.

Awaiting your reply and keep up the great work on Dirt Trax TV.



Thanks for your email!

The new RZR 570 LE model does have Polaris’ very effective EBS system. If you are accustomed to strong engine braking – and you’ve stated that fact – then you will want the LE 570 RZR.

The reason is virtually no SXS vehicles currently offer any engine braking – the RZR 570 is the first.

Without it you will be on the brakes on descents continually because SXS vehicles are heavier than ATV’s and tend to be like a snowball on steep downhill grades – they just go faster the further you go unless you cover the brake.

The LE RZR has another “must have” SXS feature – EPS. We believe all SXS vehicles will come with this necessary feature in the future. It is a very tangible and helpful addition to any SXS.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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