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Dear Motorhead:

First off, love your show!!! I watch it mondays at 4 on Outdoor Channel, then the rerun at 10:30.

My question for you guys is I’m torn between the Polaris 900 and the Artic cat Wildcat. I do mostly trail riding in Kentucky hill climbs, creek crossings not a lot of mud but some.

All the advertising I see for the side-x-sides are in desert dunes and wide open places. I ride in the woods though so which do you think would be best for me?

Thanks for your time!!

Tony R.

Thanks for your email!

You’ve asked the right question at the right time!

Neither of these two SXS will meet your expectations in the woods – we’ve been careful to make sure we make that clear in our Test Rides of both these capable Pure Sport, ultra high performance SXS vehicles – as well as the new Can Am Maverick.

You are correct in your observation that theses vehicles are portrayed by their makers – and us – as best in wide open spaces. If you want a Pure Sport SXS for trail use you should look at either Polaris’ 50 inch RZR 570 and RZR 800 and/or Can-Am’s Commander 800 and 1000.

You will find both the RZR 900 and the Wildcat to be awkward in tight trails, constantly floating back and forth in deep two track laid down by sub-50 inch ATV’s and SXS – these super wide Pure Sports do not fit very well on bush trails.

If you want to rip it up in sand pits, dunes or wide, abandoned fire roads the RZR 900 and the Wildcat simply cannot be beat – they are a blast and incredibly capable at speed.

So, you need to make a big decision going into this purchase – where are you going to ride most? Once you answer that question then you have to decide which SXS is right for you!

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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