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First Midwest 4×4 Arrives In Canada


Press Release –

Midwest Motorsports Canada Ltd. Is pleased to announce the arrival of the first shipment of Midwest 400 4×4’s. “This is a first in Canada”, says Nathan Perry, President of Midwest Motorsports Canada Ltd. “Lots of smaller ATV companies have been making noises about a 4×4 but we have ours here now!”.

Sales are expected to be brisk. The Midwest 400 4×4 features:

· Part-time selectable 4 wheel drive
· 400cc single cylinder 4 stroke
· semi-auto 5 spd w/reverse
· Fully enclosed shaft drive
· Front hydraulic disc brakes
· Dual rear brake controls with park brake
· Front and rear racks
· Trailer hitch
· Dual headlights
· Hazard lights
· Oil cooler with aux fan
· 12v aux power outlet
· Instrument panel
· Aggressive tires
· Large comfortable seat
· Back-up pull start
· A price tag of $5995 (plus freight and PDI)
· 6 month parts and labour warranty (Canadian backed)

“This unit has already undergone extensive testing and has stood up well.” comments Perry. “The phone has been ringing off the wall with interested customers and dealers.” A Dealer day, September 29th introduced the 4×4 to existing Midwest dealers, and the response was incredibly positive. “We are actively looking for full-line dealers in available areas throughout Canada.” says Perry. “The future looks very promising.” Contact Midwest Motorsports Canada Ltd. for more information.

Call Toll Free 1-866-899-7979



Press Release –

No other tire in the history of ATV racing has claimed more individual victories and series championships—in every form of competition imaginable—than the ITP Holeshot. ITP is determined to keep this legacy alive with the introduction of the all-new Holeshot SX, the most technologically advanced motocross tire ever.

The Holeshot SX has been carefully designed and painstakingly developed to dominate on hard-packed motocross tracks. Key to this process was the extensive input of several National-caliber race teams and riders, who specifically requested a tire that could excel on this type of MX course. The drier, slicker and faster the track surface—a very common condition in today’s racing environment—the greater an advantage the Holeshot SX rider will enjoy. The new Holeshot SX is being offered in both front and rear configurations, each with its own unique characteristics yet built to perfectly complement each other as a package.

The 18×10-8 rear Holeshot SX’s advantages start with a specially reinforced carcass that minimizes stretching while maintaining a flat profile, thus providing consistent feel and performance without a sacrifice in ride comfort. A new “RR” tread compound has been formulated, and after extensive testing has proven to provide unmatched hard pack performance as well as surprisingly long tire life (getting more motos out of a set of tires was a primary goal). The SX tread pattern uses more tightly spaced knobs to increase the tire contact patch, while the redesigned knobs themselves have been laterally sipped (thinly cut) to yield twice the number of biting edges than any Holeshot tire that’s come before. Finally, the shoulder knobs utilize a new tapered shape that offers greater control during corner transitions.

The 20×6-10 front Holeshot SX also incorporates a tighter knob pattern and sipped knobs for an increased contact area, improving steering response as well as braking control in hard pack conditions.

The new rubber compound helps to keep the knob edges sharper longer, while the reinforced carcass also magnifies cornering precision. A secondary benefit of this new carcass design is that it allows for lower tire pressures than in the past, enhancing ride comfort as well as steering traction.

Visit ITPtires.com.

New 2006 Argo Models


Press Release –

Ontario Drive & Gear Limited, (ODG), is pleased to announce the arrival of the 2006 line of amphibious, all-terrain off-road Argo vehicles.

The 2006 8×8 Argo Avenger is equipped with a 26 HP Kohler Aegis LH690 liquid-cooled engine and is now available with an optional 3.3 high ratio transmission for optimum performance with rubber tracks.

The top of the line 8×8 ARGO features 25” Rawhide III tires with an aggressive tread pattern and lug size, as well as excellent approach and departure angles that easily travel over obstacles. The Avenger seats up to six persons on land, has a load capacity of 1150 lbs and can tow 1800 lbs.

Other models available in the 2006 line-up include the 6×6 Vanguard and Vanguard 2, the 6×6 Bigfoot, 6×6 Conquest, 8×8 Response and the 8×8 Conquest. The Bigfoot features a new 18 HP Briggs & Stratton Cooler Cleaner Engine with 20/50 amp charging system.

Most vehicles are equipped with a new motocross-style handlebar steering control and a handbrake including holding mechanism.

For more information, please contact:

Ontario Drive & Gear Limited
220 Bergey Court, New Hamburg
ON, Canada N3A 2J5
Tel: (519) 662-4000 Fax: (519) 662-2421

Kawi A Big Player in Sport Utes Segment


Upon close examination, Kawasaki has as almost as many models in the Big Bore Sport Utility category as Polaris, the leader in this segment with four big bore Sport Utes.

Kawasaki has continued to produce its KVF 700 Prairie using the potent 700 V-Twin mill and has priced this unit very competitively.

The new 650 Brute Force and the Brute Force 750 both occupy lots of share in the Big Bore sales game this year.

Sport Segment Is White Hot


Last issue of All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine we published a photo of an impressive looking sport ATV from Dinli.

A couple of years ago, Dinli purchased the tooling for an advanced design 500cc, aluminum framed 4-wheeler with EFI from the now-defunct Cannondale Corporation.

Turns out, the photo we ran wasn’t of the Cannondale, but of a completely different sport bike Dinli is readying for production featuring an air/oil cooled 450cc 4-stroke, a tube steel frame and appears to be closer to a knock-off of Honda’s 400 EX.

The more sophisticated 500cc Cannondale developed wheeler is still scheduled for production and will likely see these shores within the next 24 months.

Poll results


Our last poll asked you what 2006 pure sport ATV would be your first choice to buy. From a whopping 1,194 votes, the results came back as follows:

35.93% – Raptor 700 EFI (429 votes)
22.45% – Honda TRX 450 (268 votes)
17.00% – Yamaha YFZ 450 (203 votes)
16.92% – Polaris Predator (202 votes)
07.71% – QuadSport Z400 (92 votes)

To participate in our current poll as seen in the pages of All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine, scroll down the page.

Cat Dives Deep Into Engine Biz


Arctic Cat invested millions in a domestic ATV engine facility in its hometown of Thief River Falls, Minnesota about two years ago.

This summer, AC announced it will be going even deeper into the ATV (and snowmobile?) engine biz beginning almost immediately.

An $8 million (USD) engine plant is slated to be built in St. Cloud, Minnesota occupying 15 acres with an adjacent 40 acre vehicle test track.

Construction will begin early in 2006 and will be completed by next fall with engines flying out the doors early in 2007.



Check out this totally-custom-built-from-the-ground-up Subaru WRX powered ATV, the brainchild of New Zealander, Ken Brough.

This rocket ship of an ATV boasts a 2000cc turbocharged flat four with a 5-speed tranny, 4WD, street tires and is fully functional and where legal, can be ridden daily.

The only downside to this missile on wheels is Ken can’t legally ride it in his homeland. He is however considering bringing it to North America in hopes of finding legal road access here.

For more information visit stiatv.co.nz.

Polaris and KTM


The biggest powersports industry news this summer was Polaris’ one quarter share purchase of KTM.

Polaris now owns twenty five percent of the Austrian motorcycle maker and has an agreement to buy the balance of the outstanding shares in two years time.

This move will empower Polaris dealers with off-road stable mates for Victory motorcycles, some pretty sophisticated 4-stroke single cylinder technology and the opportunity for Polaris distribution in European markets.

For KTM the deal offers instant access to the ATV marketplace with the world’s number two or three (depending on who’s counting) biggest seller, including access to both CVT transmission and IRS suspension technology.

Both companies are crowing it’s “business as usual” with no changes on the immediate horizon, but the reality of this amazing marriage may deliver some interesting slathering of orange paint on this side of the pond.

Easter Seals Society Fund Raiser Event


The Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs (OFATV) is pleased to announce that the Central Ontario ATV Club is hosting the THIRD ANNUAL OFATV EASTER SEAL SOCIETY FUND RAISER EVENT.

DATE: Sunday, October 2, 2005
TIME: 9 A.M.
PLACE: Base Borden ‘Rod and Gun Club’ in Angus, ON
COST: $30.00 PER ATV

All ATV members and Non-members Welcome. Come and ride the Dunes, Forest and trails on the Military Base. Take Highway 90 from Barrie to Angus and follow signs to the Base or County Road 10 from Alliston or Stayner to Angus and follow signs

All ATV’s and riders must have the following:
* Valid Drivers Licence and obey the laws when driving
* Proof of Insurance
* Helmet
* Valid Licence Plate
* 4 or more wheels
* No alcohol on the machine anywhere
* No 2-up riding on the Base

Contact Tammie at 705-422-1408 for more information.